Watchlist 02-11 to 02-15

11 Feb


  1. WYNN- Looking for breakout over 127
  2. LNKD- Keep close watch for pullback
  3. VMW- Keep an eye on it
  4. CRR- Over 87, 91.82 is the next area
  5. DECK- Looks good for 50 over 44.16
  6. TSCO- Over 104.50, 110 next target. 
  7. CELG- Over 102.29, new ATH


  1. AMZN
  2. YUM- Can go either way.
  3. NFLX


COMP– 3196.93 can act as resistance here as it is the 10 year high. Consolidation required here before the next push higher. Support below at 3175 area and below that 3160 and 3130 area.

SPY– Closed at new 52 week highs. ATH is 156.70. 155 area can act as big resistance.  First support level at 151.30 and 149.50 below that. 147-147.3 area is a bigger support on the daily chart.

AMZN– A test of 255 is possible here. Break of 255 would lead to a test of 250 and 242-243 area below that. 265-267 area is the resistance above. If the market is weak then this stock can test the 255 area again. 50d at 260.38 and low from Friday was 260.55 area. Below 260, look to buy some puts.

GOOG– ATH at 786.67, support below at 780 and 772 area. 765 area is a bigger support level. Over 786.67, a test of 800 should come soon.

AAPL– 478.81 high and 470.25 low. Over 478.81, next target is 483.38 and over that 497 area s/be tested. Below 470.25, 465.73 s/be tested again. 20d at 475.03 can act as resistance here.

WYNN– B/O over 127. Target 129.5 area.

LNKD– Support at 150, it can easily climb higher here to 160 area after the huge volume breakout from its earnings.

VMW– Over 79.50, it can go into its earnings gap and fill it. Buy calls at 80 strike price.

PCLN– Next resistance at 710 and 720 area. If market is bullish, it can test 710 and 720 area again this week.

NFLX– Pullback to 172 area is possible as support 10d MA. 185 area is the resistance above.

REGN– Sitting at support level here. 165 area if broken would bring 154 area into play.

TSCO– Looks good for higher prices from here. 104.83 is the ATH. 110 area can be easily tested in the coming days. 100 area should act as support level below.

CRR– Can rip higher here over 87 area. 91.81 is the first resistance and over that 96 area and 100 area. Support at 83 area.

DECK– Over 44.16, 49.5 is the next target above. Support at 42 area below.

CELG– 97.30 area is support and over 102.29 is new ATH.

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